About Me

Hello, my name is Lisa and ink and paper is a labour of love – a design boutique with a personal connection.
I want to make beautiful things and I take great pride in creating designs that touch the heart. Design that has meaning.

After years of working as a professional graphic designer and wanting to communicate with a more intimate and personal audience, Ink and paper was born. Ink and paper allows me to combine my love of design and my desire to create beautiful hand crafted pieces. I specialize in creating custom invitations, announcements, social stationery and business collateral ~ creating truly unique designs for the special occasions in your life or your company. What remains constant is my desire
for fresh and original ways that inspire me to push the creative envelope.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is hand crafted in my home studio. I find joy in the details and take pride in creating unique pieces that reflect the personality of the occasion and the client. To receive something that has been made by hand
gives the piece a sense of value and intimacy.

Welcome to inkandpaper, I hope to share with you all aspects of my creative inspirations.

Thank you for joining me,
Lisa xoxo

inkandpaper is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada
All designs are created and made in Canada with Love

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